What Looks Good to Me

What are we hiding from? What are we avoiding? We come up with these lies and excuses as to why bad situations or messes we get ourselves in are present still. 

I’m guilty for shutting truth out. I’m notorious for ignoring wisdom and saying “no this way is better.” But everything starts to look good when we keep our eyes closed..

I’m also known to shut my self away from things that are good for me. 

Life changes. Relationships. Sacrifices etc. 

But we become afraid of change and the unknown. Well what happens when I say no to this? Or what happens if I say yes to this? 

We know our environments so well so it’s no surprise that we don’t want to acknowledge anything else that comes out different. 

If all you’ve known is a bad situation then all you’ll ever expect and want is a bad situation. And if you’re constantly shutting out what’s good you’ll never know exactly the kind of life you’re missing. 

What’s your niche like? Where’s your comfort zone? Does it grow? Or does it stay the same and even shrink? 

See it’s not about breaking away from your comfort zone.. It’s about expanding your comfort level. How can you do that if you never try anything? 

“But everything starts to look good when we keep our eyes closed.” 

Social Prison

I’m not a celebrity, obviously. I’m not even remotely famous. 

But I was listening to a comedian and he talked about the realist, deepest issue I’ve ever heard someone famous talk about. 

The Social Prison. 

This Prison exists in a world ran by positive feedback of mass audiences. Fans who have been gathered and gradually only gets bigger, to come together to see a person expose themselves so rawly. So roughly. 

In order to keep the mass happy. Give them what they like. What entertains the human mind. 

Bo Burnham is the comedian I am referring to. But his act in “Make Happy” was just so honest it made me stop laughing and really think about the entertainment industry. Honestly, the “life industry”. 

 As Bo performs his jokes you barely even notice how deep it gets. 

“They laugh as he attempts to give what he cannot give himself.”

-Bo Burnham

Happiness. To the mass. To his fans. 

The world is so caught up in playing the Jester and the king roles in life. And we as the consumers of these jokes just to get a laugh can’t even understand how easily manipulated we are. 

Life works the same way. 

Everywhere we go we are being watched. Everything we do is for the sake of impressing someone, or making someone happy. 

We dance and we sing and we jump when they say jump because well, that’s what society has taught us to do. Society says in order to get anywhere in life you need to be well liked. Popular. Entertaining. 

Why are we so big on gaining followers? And I’m guilty of this, I won’t lie. But why do we try so hard to be liked? Because we think we will finally be satisfied knowing that we’ve gotten to where we wanted to be? 

But here’s the truth.. Our society will never be satisfied! You’ll have to come up with song after song after song, and bit after bit after bit, and piece after piece after piece. 

I think we do it in the beginning because we want to make a difference. Change someone’s life. But as you get further into the rabbit hole, that vision becomes a bit blurry. 

It’s a social Prison.

Why am I ranting about this! 

Okay. Do I want people to read and like what I write? Of course I do. Will I stop writing if people don’t? No I will not. 

I do it because I know at least one person needs to hear what I have to say. Even I need to hear what I have to say, and that’s part of the reason why I write. 

You are not forced into the Social Prison. You don’t have to stay there. People freely walk into it! 

I wish I knew how to break that Social Prison. But honestly, I don’t think we will ever be able to. We run off of feedback as people. That just comes naturally. 

I guess the only thing I can really say on the matter is.. Don’t do what you do without reason. Do it for God. Do it for family. Do it for yourself. But don’t do anything without purpose.