What Looks Good to Me

What are we hiding from? What are we avoiding? We come up with these lies and excuses as to why bad situations or messes we get ourselves in are present still. 

I’m guilty for shutting truth out. I’m notorious for ignoring wisdom and saying “no this way is better.” But everything starts to look good when we keep our eyes closed..

I’m also known to shut my self away from things that are good for me. 

Life changes. Relationships. Sacrifices etc. 

But we become afraid of change and the unknown. Well what happens when I say no to this? Or what happens if I say yes to this? 

We know our environments so well so it’s no surprise that we don’t want to acknowledge anything else that comes out different. 

If all you’ve known is a bad situation then all you’ll ever expect and want is a bad situation. And if you’re constantly shutting out what’s good you’ll never know exactly the kind of life you’re missing. 

What’s your niche like? Where’s your comfort zone? Does it grow? Or does it stay the same and even shrink? 

See it’s not about breaking away from your comfort zone.. It’s about expanding your comfort level. How can you do that if you never try anything? 

“But everything starts to look good when we keep our eyes closed.” 

Find Your Keys

“The key to strength is found in humility. The key to leadership is found in servitude”.     :::Rodrick Thomas:::

I start off with a quote today because it just kind of hit home. We have keys to everything don’t we? Keys to our house; keys to our car; keys we don’t even know what they belong to anymore. 

But what keys do we have or need that make up who we are? Or rather who we are suppose to be. How we act and respond and just plain live depends on our character. 

And our character is formed by what we go through. Things that build our endurance and in turn build our character. So what about when we try to build our character in Christ? What keys is God equipping us with?

You want to be strong, be bold? Show your weaknesses. Be vulnerable. Stay humble. You want to lead? Know what it means to serve. 

“Becoming a vessel is somewhere between the forming and the flame” :::Rodrick Thomas:::

The flame is the end product. The forming is the endurance. The pressure that comes on all sides. The character building. It’s in the cool breeze and sometimes it’s down in the mud and covered from head to toe, and just down right ugly.

It’s in the sacrifice. It’s in the dying to ourselves daily that God calls us too. It’s the picking up of our crosses. And then strengthening those still trying. Defending those who are defenseless. 

We find our keys by mirroring God. After all we are made in His image. We are His reflection. 

Our character is being built to exasperate the love of God. To irritate or infuriate. To stir it up and cause His spirit to move in us and around us. Gods love is furious! It moves so fiercely! 

So find your keys, yeah? Be who you’re called to be? Because this life was meant for you to lose yourself in Him.. And then in turn find yourself again, NEW

Gods Investment in You; is Gods Investment Into Someone Else

I ask you. How much are you worth? To the person across the room. To the person crossing the street, how much do you think you’re worth to them? They don’t even know you. Won’t know you exsist without acknowledgment of you being there. 

Now they, they are just strangers. How much are you worth to the person sitting across the table? To the child in her room. To the husband or wife or brother or sister you greet every day. Now they, they’re your family, or your friends. They care a great deal for you I’m sure.

Now how much are you worth to God? Enough that He would give up His son for you? Enough that He saw it fitting to bring you into this life and call you His own. Enough that He desires to teach you everything He knows. To love how He loves. And walk how He walks. 

Now, I ask.. How much is that person worth to you? The person crossing the street. The person across the room. They might be just strangers.. You don’t have to see them daily. So how can you invest in something you can’t see everyday?

How much is that person worth to God? The same amount as you. The same amount as me. The same amount as our family and our friends. So how do we invest in things and in people we don’t see or touch or interact with on a daily basis? 

By investing into the relationship you have with God, is in turn investing into the relationships you have in your home, at your job, and in any place that you are capeable of talking with God. Talking with God means, learning how to love. It means, reaching out because someone reached out for you. It means forgiving because someone forgave you. It means learning to love, because someone loved you when you made it hard to be loved. 

“I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven, AND SO she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little, shows only little love.” Luke‬ ‭7:47‬ ‭NLT‬‬