Stuck in Our Ports 

I’m not sure where life is taking me. But I know it’s gonna be great. And I know it’s gonna be beautiful. For the most part, most of us have our lives together. We’ve got a job, pay our bills, have a roof over our heads. And just for that there’s so much to be grateful for. 

If you can look around a room and see at least one person whose life you want in yours.. Then you have, so far, a beautiful life. Add adventure and God into the mix and it becomes something even better. 

I don’t care what people tell you. It’s good to listen to the advice from others, but sometimes you need to take that advice and still run in the opposite direction if you’re led to do so. 

You won’t be asked to go where everyone else goes. You might be surrounded by friends and family. But maybe down the road you’ll be across the country doing what you believe you’re called to do. 

You know there has been studies that show that kids sneaking out or running away from home once or twice is actually a bit healthy? It’s that sense of independence and adventure that they want. It’s their minds being prepared to do the exact thing when they leave for college or get married and start their own family. 

Here’s the point I’m trying to get at: Sometimes you gotta jump in order to make waves. If you wanna see great and exciting things happen in your life, you’ve gotta be able to make the decision to move. Otherwise you will be stagnet. 

“A ship in its port is safe.. But that’s not what ships are BUILT for.” – Grace Murray Hopper

We each have our own ports. They all look different. But we have to decide when we finally do what we’re built to do. 


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