The Bible Told me So

For so long I walked in my faith and never asked any questions. Never wanted to. Never had to because it felt like trusting in the Bible was meant to be enough. But today I was challenged to do differently. And it opened my eyes a little bit more. 

Ask questions. Asks a lot of them. Dig deep and then let your faith be rooted and grounded in the facts that you know and not just have it resting on a book. I believe in the Bible 100%. But that doesn’t mean that I can prove all the events that took place. 

Now this isn’t to say, try and disprove or prove the Bible. This is saying expand your knowledge to even more beyond the Bible. To experience. To History. To fact. 

One of the main reasons that I had walked away from God not too long ago was because of people. People who didn’t know fact or experience or History. People that looked, spoke and acted upon what they saw and what they believed would make the Bible or having “faith” more attractive. 

They put beautiful people with beautiful bodies, and painted there faces with make up and dressed in the latest styles and made the statement that appearance is everything. Image is what we’re aiming for and you don’t fit it

One of the main reasons I ran back to God not too long ago, was also because of people. More specifically, a person. Myself and you the readers and people that I come in contact with everyday that are given the wrong idea or are giving the wrong idea every day about God.

I wasn’t equipped enough to realize that I ran away from a church that didn’t know how to be the people we are called to be. And so God called me back and said, “let me show you how it’s done. This is who you are. And who you are is not who I Am.” 

To show me how I can be what other people are claiming to be, He took me by my flaws, and showed me there’s. Then He showed me how to be a reflection of Him and not people. 

“Christianity does not exsist because of the Bible no more than you exist because of your birth certificate.” – Anonymous 

The Bible is Gods word and teaches us. But the Bible is a documentation of History. And we are called to interpret and have faith. It’s not meant to be a set of rules. Yet a message told to learn from mistakes and successes.  

My faith is not dictated on the Bible. I have faith because of what I know to be true. And because what I have experienced personally with God. And most of these things that I’ve experienced happened outside of church walls. God doesn’t belong in a box. And He doesn’t belong to any one person. 

Well the Bible says this.. the Bible says that.. yes, yes it does.. But the Bible is, like I said recorded History. And we are suppose to learn from it, but not without the knowledge or experience of Gods love beforehand. So you can build a firm foundation while you ask questions. 

So this is why I came back to Christ. Because I found God outside of a building. And I’ve experienced how is love is suppose to look, sound and move. And I plan on replicating that. 


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