Place Your Bookmark

You ever been so caught up in a story you have to wait until you’re in a good spot to hit pause or place your bookmark? 

Well I finally got the time to place my bookmark… 

I know it’s been a while since I have written anything, and I apologize.. 

It took a fall.. It took a risk that would either make me or break me.. But I know where to place my bookmark now. And that’s HERE.  

Sometimes you just need to pause. 

You need to rest and give yourself the time to make sense of the world around you. There is no sin in love. There is no such thing as caring too much or loving too hard. 

Do you run the risk of getting hurt? You always will when it comes to love. But the beauty of Gods love is you can always be certain that even if we get knocked down, He is always there to pick us back up again and brush the dust off. 

You can’t always think clearly in the heat of a moment. You make decisions that seem to make sense now, but then go south later. Slow down. Because in that moment that it does go South you will be tempted to shut down. 

Your heart and soul will ache and you will feel like nothing could possibly bring you back to a place of peace and assurance… 

Listen, place your bookmark THERE. In that moment of hurt and confusion. In the middle of tragedy OR triumphs. Place your bookmark. Pause. Reflect. Remember who God is. Remember that He holds tomorrow. 

“A woman is like a tea bag; you won’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”  -Eleanor Rosevelt 

Sometimes things fall short to show us how strong we really are. Or to remind us where our integrity and our standards lie. 

Don’t lose hope. And don’t lose the friction, the fire that God put inside you when you get hurt. Get back up and keep going. Pause. Reflect. Place your bookmark. Remember that it’s okay to walk away if it means it’s better for your happiness, your faith and your goals in life. Don’t let anyone try to take that right away from you. It’s your right to walk away. And I know that God will be by your side with each decision, helping you through them all. 

Social Prison

I’m not a celebrity, obviously. I’m not even remotely famous. 

But I was listening to a comedian and he talked about the realist, deepest issue I’ve ever heard someone famous talk about. 

The Social Prison. 

This Prison exists in a world ran by positive feedback of mass audiences. Fans who have been gathered and gradually only gets bigger, to come together to see a person expose themselves so rawly. So roughly. 

In order to keep the mass happy. Give them what they like. What entertains the human mind. 

Bo Burnham is the comedian I am referring to. But his act in “Make Happy” was just so honest it made me stop laughing and really think about the entertainment industry. Honestly, the “life industry”. 

 As Bo performs his jokes you barely even notice how deep it gets. 

“They laugh as he attempts to give what he cannot give himself.”

-Bo Burnham

Happiness. To the mass. To his fans. 

The world is so caught up in playing the Jester and the king roles in life. And we as the consumers of these jokes just to get a laugh can’t even understand how easily manipulated we are. 

Life works the same way. 

Everywhere we go we are being watched. Everything we do is for the sake of impressing someone, or making someone happy. 

We dance and we sing and we jump when they say jump because well, that’s what society has taught us to do. Society says in order to get anywhere in life you need to be well liked. Popular. Entertaining. 

Why are we so big on gaining followers? And I’m guilty of this, I won’t lie. But why do we try so hard to be liked? Because we think we will finally be satisfied knowing that we’ve gotten to where we wanted to be? 

But here’s the truth.. Our society will never be satisfied! You’ll have to come up with song after song after song, and bit after bit after bit, and piece after piece after piece. 

I think we do it in the beginning because we want to make a difference. Change someone’s life. But as you get further into the rabbit hole, that vision becomes a bit blurry. 

It’s a social Prison.

Why am I ranting about this! 

Okay. Do I want people to read and like what I write? Of course I do. Will I stop writing if people don’t? No I will not. 

I do it because I know at least one person needs to hear what I have to say. Even I need to hear what I have to say, and that’s part of the reason why I write. 

You are not forced into the Social Prison. You don’t have to stay there. People freely walk into it! 

I wish I knew how to break that Social Prison. But honestly, I don’t think we will ever be able to. We run off of feedback as people. That just comes naturally. 

I guess the only thing I can really say on the matter is.. Don’t do what you do without reason. Do it for God. Do it for family. Do it for yourself. But don’t do anything without purpose. 

The Bible Told me So

For so long I walked in my faith and never asked any questions. Never wanted to. Never had to because it felt like trusting in the Bible was meant to be enough. But today I was challenged to do differently. And it opened my eyes a little bit more. 

Ask questions. Asks a lot of them. Dig deep and then let your faith be rooted and grounded in the facts that you know and not just have it resting on a book. I believe in the Bible 100%. But that doesn’t mean that I can prove all the events that took place. 

Now this isn’t to say, try and disprove or prove the Bible. This is saying expand your knowledge to even more beyond the Bible. To experience. To History. To fact. 

One of the main reasons that I had walked away from God not too long ago was because of people. People who didn’t know fact or experience or History. People that looked, spoke and acted upon what they saw and what they believed would make the Bible or having “faith” more attractive. 

They put beautiful people with beautiful bodies, and painted there faces with make up and dressed in the latest styles and made the statement that appearance is everything. Image is what we’re aiming for and you don’t fit it

One of the main reasons I ran back to God not too long ago, was also because of people. More specifically, a person. Myself and you the readers and people that I come in contact with everyday that are given the wrong idea or are giving the wrong idea every day about God.

I wasn’t equipped enough to realize that I ran away from a church that didn’t know how to be the people we are called to be. And so God called me back and said, “let me show you how it’s done. This is who you are. And who you are is not who I Am.” 

To show me how I can be what other people are claiming to be, He took me by my flaws, and showed me there’s. Then He showed me how to be a reflection of Him and not people. 

“Christianity does not exsist because of the Bible no more than you exist because of your birth certificate.” – Anonymous 

The Bible is Gods word and teaches us. But the Bible is a documentation of History. And we are called to interpret and have faith. It’s not meant to be a set of rules. Yet a message told to learn from mistakes and successes.  

My faith is not dictated on the Bible. I have faith because of what I know to be true. And because what I have experienced personally with God. And most of these things that I’ve experienced happened outside of church walls. God doesn’t belong in a box. And He doesn’t belong to any one person. 

Well the Bible says this.. the Bible says that.. yes, yes it does.. But the Bible is, like I said recorded History. And we are suppose to learn from it, but not without the knowledge or experience of Gods love beforehand. So you can build a firm foundation while you ask questions. 

So this is why I came back to Christ. Because I found God outside of a building. And I’ve experienced how is love is suppose to look, sound and move. And I plan on replicating that.