Your Roadmap

“Point your kids in the right direction— And when they’re older they won’t be lost”   Proverbs 22:6

Not to say that they won’t ever become lost, but just that they won’t stay lost. You know when you’re a kid with no worries or problems besides making friends and keeping a good reputation at school, it’s easy to stay focused on God and that He’s there and He hears us. 

But when you get older and responsibilities start to change, staying focused on God seems a lot harder. Almost impossible, especially when you get lost. 

It can be easy to stay lost if we don’t want to be found. We lose our job, our families separate, and the last thing we want to do is hear another voice telling us we’re going the wrong way. “You’re doing it wrong.”

I’m doing it wrong? How can I be doing life wrong, of all things? And it’s not that we don’t want to hear Gods voice.. But that we’re afraid of what He will say when He speaks and we finally listen. 

“I’ve screwed up so much! I know exactly what God is going to say if I let Him in, but I don’t think I can bare to hear it.”

Do we know what He is going to say? Or is this what we keep telling ourselves to prepare us for the worst?

God knows we screw up. He’s watched us fall time and time again. But that doesn’t mean He’s angry or disappointed. 

“But I thought we were never suppose to get lost if we believe?”

We will never stay lost.. If, when we do stop listening, we let Him back in so He can pick us up again. 

God understands that when we grow up life gets to be more complicated. We get into trouble. Dig a hole we can’t get out of. Trust people that hurt us, again.. And again. But if we can learn to let God in even in our grown up problems, He can keep us from making the same mistakes over and over. 

He’ll get us back on track. Cause although we aren’t kids and our roadmaps look different now, He made the map. He built the roads. And either rough or smooth, each road has a path that leads us back to Him. 


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