A Coffee Miracle

Most people know the saying, “Laughter do good like a medicine.” Boy are they right. 

I’ve never known a single place that brought forth laughter that I ever wanted to leave. Until His voice whispered for me to move. If it were up to me, I’d probably still be in the same places that kept me laughing. 

Life is full of unforgettable moments.It’s full of little lessons. And it’s full of big ones too. 

Oh life right now sure takes me back.. I close my eyes and see a much much younger me. I remember peering out the front window of our one story house. The front yard was overtaken by these two tall trees that our grandparents had allowed to grow for so long. 

I’d watch every weekend from that window as my mother sat on the first step of the pathway that led to our house. Bible on her lap. Coffee cup in her hands. 

It wasn’t much longer that I felt a since of urgency to sit on that very same step. Soon I was sitting on our front porch. Notebook on my lap. Pen in my hand. In the fall, I would look up and see the trees that prospered in our yard. Their branches hovered over me and the house and their leaves were a beautiful red and yellow. 

The leaves would fall and the wind would blow them away. But it looked like they were dancing to me. Fall was officially my favorite season. 

And soon that porch step led me to the same step my mother sat on. My Bible on my lap. And coffee in my hands. 

But I kept growing.. And His voice kept whispering. Soon I was sitting up against a fence down the street on the perfect sized patch of grass with my name on it. And then from that patch of grass, to a field and pond. The breeze would blow through the water and the tall grass would shake. And so it was there that I kept going back. Bible on my lap. 

And still I grow. Still I progress. I can’t stop moving. No matter how much I laugh. No matter how content I get.. He’s already set me in motion. And I can’t stop Him from having His way. 

But even those two trees had an ending. They grew older. Their roots surfaced. And soon they were cut down. I thought a great memory had died when I saw those stumps. But it ended only so that a new beginning could start. Today, Coffee and a quiet place, still does miracles for my life.


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