Dreamers choice

You know I don’t normally do this. But, today I don’t feel like listening to music. I don’t feel like haveing something planned. I just feel like writing. There’s a project I worked on at school. And it was a speech, and it was so well put together. I had it in a nice blue folder, three prongs, and my note cards and my quotes and my outline all ready to go. But I never did get to give that speech. So I’m gonna tell you about it.

I keep this folder behind a binder sitting right beside my guitar. And I keep it there just in case every now and again I need a little inspiration or reminder. And inside this folder tells about one of the greatest experiences of my life. So the speech was to help others understand our career choice. Our dream choice.

In the beginning of the speech, at the top of my outline, is my attention getter story. “The woman who talks to herself”  and it talks about a young woman who notices a much older woman talking to herself. The younger woman asked the older woman, “why are you always talking to yourself?” And the older woman replies, “because I like what I have to say.” 

This story, and my first quote of the speech, all came from one woman, Barbara Kingsolver. And her whole point was to say instead of figuring out what people wanted to hear, figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.

Our voices are a powerful thing. And when people start listening, it becomes even more powerful. The more we use our voice, the louder we speak, the more passionate we are and the more we dream.. The stronger we become. The more we define ourselves by our own uniqueness.

So then I have the amazing opportunity to interview another author. Someone who has published a book before. And I go through a series of questions in asking about his career choice, what makes it what he loves, what makes it his dream. 

And after all the questions I asked I asked him one more. I asked him if he had any other opinions or comments about what he does he would be willing to share. And he said, “somewhere, someone is praying that God would give them a word, provide some guidance, show them that he sees and understands. What you have to share with people, is the answer to someone’s prayers. Obey God and do it. Somewhere.. Someone.. They’re waiting.”

And reading the speech that I wrote, just reminds me and helps me realize that people who dream, get to choose. Dreamers get the choice. The choice to lead, the choice to serve. The choice to be something or someone that somebody else needed or even that they needed, but no one rose to the occasion. 

So if you’re not a dreamer. If you blend in with the crowd. Choose to dream. Choose, to stand out. Someone might need you today. Tomorrow. You have a voice. And your voice has something to say. Your job, is to figure out what it is saying. Good luck in your dream. Have faith in your choices.


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