When the Answer is ‘No’

So where do I find my inspiration for writing today? I’m glad you asked! 

I find it in a song. And in a hot drawn bubble bath. I’m not the only girl, I hope, who still enjoys this kind of thing, am I? 

You know in movies where she grabs a book and a glass of white wine and just marinates in the hot water. Thats pretty much me, except instead of staring at candles and rose petals.. I’m staring at my toilet brush. But besides that it’s nice to just read. And write. 

Which brings me to tonight. I love music. Any kind really, and what most people don’t know about me is I really enjoy orchestrated music. One song that got me thinking today was one by Lindsey Sterling called Where Do We Go featuring Carah Faye. 

“Where do we go, when our prayers are answered but the answer is ‘No‘.”

Is the Chorus to this song. I know so many people who have had God answer them ‘No’ and they just don’t understand why. 

I’m not here to explain why. I feel like if it was something that you could already understand, then there would be no reason to have asked or even be told ‘No’ to begin with. 

I’ve had my share of No’s, believe me. So many things that could have happened and I would have been happy going down that path. But Gods answer to my prayers were ‘No’ because of reasons I’m sure, He knew better for me. 

I’ve had my share of ‘Yes’ answered to me. But the real question here, that I want to try and help answer is in the song I mentioned earlier. Where do we go when our prayers get answered but the answer is ‘no’? 

My answer.. For my self personally. Is simply put..

The same place we go when the answer is ‘Yes’..”

For me, it’s ‘Forward’. Into trust. Into the knowledge of who God is. Into compassion. When I was younger, the enemy loved to kick me while I was down. But now that I’m older.. I remind the younger me inside of what the new me knows now..

“The same place we go when the answer is ‘yes’ is the same place we go when the answer is ‘no'”

Back into the confident hope I have in God. My faith, has become so much a part of me, it has become my best friend. Even when I don’t ask for it, His love comforts me. His spirit stays beside me. So even when the answer is ‘no’, I always know where to go in order to keep myself from slipping. I don’t have to worry about His ‘no’. I only need to know where it is I’m going.


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