Writing For A Job Done Right 

I get that I’m just one person. I’m one mind. So why would anyone care to read or hear what I have to say? The fact of the matter is.. My words could never reach a single ear.. When I write, not a single person could read it. But every time my pen hits the paper or my fingers hit the keys, something happens inside of me that almost feels like magic.

So if I were to write this and not a single soul ever see it, why keep writing? Why write at all? Because these words may not help someone else right now but they are still helping me. I write from what I learn. The things I endure gives you the end product you see here. 

The fact is though, is these words may someday help someone. It might just be one person but even so the things I say and the things I do every day I do with the mindset of reaching someone who feels too far to be reached. 

Remember the story of the talents? A certain amount of money was given to each person. Each person took their own share and multiplied it into even more than what they had before.. Except for one. One of them buried their share. And never truly invested in it.

You see some of us, maybe even most of us are letting our talents lay dormant inside of us because we think we’re protecting ourselves. But you’re not only hurting yourselves but others as well. We are called to use our gifts, whatever they may be, reach people that are lost. 

Our lives are effected by each other. And without you stepping into the glory God has prepared for you, we stop that cycle of growth and connection. See, if my words somehow build a bridge even just a little better between someone and God then I’ve done my job right. And so I keep writing.. how can you use your gifts for His kingdom? How are you not doing so today?


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