Bandwagon by popular vote

There’s no question that everyone feels like they are meant to be something more. Every movie and TV show you see, every book you read.. almost all of these things share the same storyline. Everyone is trying to find their niche. But in trying to find their niche, everyone is either jumping into the latest bandwagon, or trying to find their own bandwagon to start. And those who were already in a bandwagon, are either so “deep in the wagon”, or the wagon is so full you barely have a foot inside.

Maybe it’s just me but, I don’t want to be that person that only has the foot inside the wagon. And I really don’t want to be the person that is so deep in the wagon, that they lose everything else about themselves.

Everything becomes a competition. Why cant I just do what I love to do because I love to do it? It’s not hard. Even if no one recognizes my name now, even if no one will ever recognize me.. it’s not going to change what I love to do, right?

No one has to tell me to write. No one has to tell me how to write. No one can tell me to care more about people. No one can tell me to love more harder. If I write a book, there will be people who will help me better write what I’m writing. But my objective and my opinion will never change.

But needless to say, in every industry there’s gonna be people that try to control your work. Maybe more so in the music industry do you see talented artists, who start off with their originality, but very few ever stay original.

I guess what I would like to see, is more people owning their originality. Growing in their originality. Always changing, but what I mean by that is never back tracking in their progress. And never changing their objective and their opinions because someone said their way of thinking isn’t what’s popular right now.

Whatever it is you do. Wherever it is you go. Wherever it is you came from. Do what you love to do, because you love to do it. Find your own cause. Find your own objective. Have faith in something and stand with it. Bandwagons only have so much room. So maybe you should start doing things your own way.


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