Enthusiasm sparked 

In Haggai chapter one, there was a call to rebuild Gods temple. All of Gods people were so focused on their own homes, their own life, their own desires that they neglected Gods house. So He caused a drought. He chased away there livestock. Their harvests were little to none. And only then did they finally wake up and realize the importance in caring for Gods house. His Will and His desire. 

We’re so focused on ourselves, have we forgotten that we’re working towards Gods Kingdom? Our hearts are His home.. Have we been forgetting to take care of our temple and pursue Christ?

After God did all He had to do He said that the enthusiasm in His people was sparked once again. And they remembered. 

Try to remember, the way we are suppose to live. And how everything we do is for Christ Jesus. If all we focus on is our get rich quick schemes, and our “how to be married in 6 months” plans.. Then we will never find those things because we haven’t been taking care of Gods house. 

God knows the desires of your heart. Don’t think that He’s forgotten. But be reminded of the enthusiasm that was once sparked inside of you as a child. When you first awed at His presence. Remember your love for Him. And don’t forget.


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