A finished you

The Bible tells us to remember our creator before our time has run out. When are we finished? I use to say that until my body stops breathing I will always worship and serve my God. But lately Ive been out of practice. I cant focus, life is just too loud. But its only too loud because I’m not focusing..Someone once told me that if I love to write; and if I want to continue to write; then I need to read. And read A LOT. With writing, you’re starting at the roots.. And so when you read you are taking in the experience and the time and struggle of another writers finished product. And that guides us.

With faith it is good to watch those who are ahead of you. To see their finished products.. But, in order to get your own finished product, you still need to go back to the roots. Create your own outline. Make notes. And track your progress so you can see how high God is going to take you.

I need to go back to my roots. I need to rediscover what captured my attention so long ago. Gods love speaks clearly. If you cant hear it.. Get to a place where you can.. No matter who you have to ignore. No matter what habit you need to drop or pick up.. If you can hear Him, then you can get your finished product. A finished you.


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