We are not super heroes. We don’t have supernatural powers that can fling us into a new deminsion. We don’t have super speed or super strength. But in a way, we all have someone or something we need to be the fastest for. The bravest for. The strongest for. So maybe we can’t fly or shapeshift, but we still have our own unique way of saving each other. Our passion, our love and our care for people around us.. we have this ambition, this cause, motivation, call it what you want.. we all want to be the hero in our lives. But we all are. 

Without your exsistence where would we be? If you or I were never born, what would happen to the world around us? Everyone has someone that needs them the most. Someone who looks up to you. Loves you. Wants you around.. 

Save the world mentality is what they call it. What gifts do we have as people, with our personalities, that we use everyday to help those around us? So maybe we can’t fly, or speed through the streets.. but we sure would try our best to do so. Just know, if you don’t already.. you are a hero. To someone,you are the fastest, bravest and strongest person alive. Another good excuse to be yourself and love YOU.


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