Of Sight&Of Mind

What’s the best moments of your life? What’s the best thing you ever heard? The best thing you ever tasted? What if all these good things disappeared, went sour.. that relationship isn’t what it was before, that friendship is now long distance and you barely talk. If the things in our lives ended, would we still keep the memories?Things happen in our lives the way they do for a reason. People come and people leave. Our eyes change, our hearing changes, our tastes buds don’t like same things anymore. Our priorities change and so do our feelings. Some of these changes happen because of another change that happened. A cause and effect.

We can’t control the causes that happen. But we can control the effect it has on us. How we choose to feel or be after a certain event decides who we will be tomorrow. How we will think, talk and act. 

Maybe someone you know doesn’t act like they use to. Maybe because they had a cause that has effected them in a way you don’t understand. Maybe someone hurt you, doesn’t want anything to do with you.. it’s up to you to choose the effect it’s gonna have on you. 

It’s easy to look so negatively on situations. It’s hard to see the positive. Or to respond positively to a negative situation. But if you master that, nothing can steer you wrong. Let problems become  your answers. Say to yourself, “this is the problem I’m facing; but this is how I’m gonna face it and move on.” 

And from there grow stronger, and get better. It builds character, self esteem, perseverance and motivation. You just have to set your eyes on the right thing. And if your eyes are failing to see the bright side, ask for a second pair of eyes. 


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