Light loves Dark

What does it mean to be free? Physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Being free doesn’t mean your life will be free of all the bad things that happen.You’ll still have crappy people, who do crappy things. You’ll still make mistakes, whether it affect you or someone else. You’ll still have family that tries to improve you, tries to correct you and tries to immobilize you.

So what does it mean to be free, with all these things staring you down? Well believe it or not you are free if you can remember these things:

One- worrying will not add a single good thing to your life. Keeping your mind locked on thoughts that constantly weigh you down will get you nowhere.

Two-as long as you do what you you can do, that’s all anyone can ask for. You don’t owe anyone. There’s no debt that needs to be paid because someone thinks they deserve what you can offer. And there’s no need to apologize if you do your best every day and something still slips through the cracks. And not for everyone around, but for yourself.

Three- God is always on your side. Whether you think it or not, He’s there. He’s made you able to walk with no worry, no fear and no insecurities. You don’t have to let the weight of someone else’s anger affect you. Someone else’s bad day doesn’t need to become yours. God gave you your own day to live.

So don’t just see the darkness but focus on the light. In fact be a light in darkness and maybe your good day will help someone’s bad day. After all light loves dark… Without it, it wouldn’t exist.


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