Get it done

What if we all just waited around until someone noticed we were sad or angry? What if we just pouted until someone came along and fixed it for us?

Nothing would ever get fixed! If we can’t function on our own and begin to pick up the pieces of the things that have gone wrong and put them back then how do we plan on helping anyone else?

That is why we are here, right? We each have a testimony to share. We each have knowledge that needs to be shared. If you want something.. go and get it! If something is making you trip and you need to fix your eyes, then be able and ready to have the tools you need to fix your eyes back on God.

2 Kings 6:4-7 tells the story of a man whose borrowed axe had fallen into the river.. and when it floated back to the surface he was told to pick it up for himself.

Pick up your axe. Pick up your pieces. Don’t wait for someone else, because God is already waiting for you to fix your eyes on Him. Once you do that, He’ll help take care of the rest.


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