Who decides that facts are facts? Who decides that fiction is fiction? Who decides what’s right and what’s wrong? If you don’t move at the pace of everyone else around you, are you too slow? Or is slow sometimes good and everyone else is moving dangerously fast?Opposites are difficult to figure out. And they can only be decided by their time and their place. But everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon that the only way to make it to the top of the ladder is to only focus on themselves, and if someone’s slipping, let them fall. 

But what no one realizes, is that there has never been a time line to how soon and how fast you need to get to the top of that ladder. There’s only two ways to climb  a ladder. And even if someone is in front of you, eventually they’ll have already made it off on to the other side. Then it’s just you and the ladder.

You don’t always have to be right. Because you’re not always going to be right. You’re gonna be wrong sometimes. But you just keep climbing the ladder. Don’t get off. Don’t pull anyone down for petty reasons. Don’t think you know it all, because there will always be someone who knows better. 

Just because you think people should follow you.. doesn’t mean they actually should. Just because you might think someone’s a great leader.. doesn’t mean they actually are. People talk. But that’s all it is is talk. You want to know what’s fact or fiction? Figure it out. Trial and error. Put things to the test that you want to find the truth about. And then make your decision.. but don’t let someone else make it for you. And don’t let someone shake your faith, because sometimes faith needs to be used to find the answer.


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