Compliance with Change

In ourselves there’s something inside of us that we can’t explain.. something that almost feels like a different world. Like you are really a different person but no one can see that person or hear or talk to that person, except you. So when do we become that person inside of us? It seems like my inner self is always voicing her opinion to me. But she’s so wise and never really wrong. She’s humble and very strong. She’s always willing to help. 

Maybe this inner self is who we really are but we just haven’t fully connected with our selves yet. So how do we do that? When do we truly become who we are? 

Maybe this inner self is really our mind and our emotions growing. Like the body goes through growing pains, so do our minds and our emotions. We’re catching up mentally with ourselves and so with each experience, with every day and every person we come in contact with, we get a little bit wiser, a little bit stronger and a little bit more like ourselves. 

We constantly learn about ourselves because as life goes on, we change. We are in constant motion. And finally when we reach a certain age I feel like as if we start to find some sort of balance within ourselves. We accept who we are and keep pursuing greater things. We become content. 

It’s good to become content with change. To be able to adapt and fill the space available. Did you know, goldfish, will grow to accommodate the size of the body of water they are in? They adapt and adjust to change. They continue to grow, unlike other fish, until they die. When you are faced with change.. welcome it! Don’t be afraid of it. Listen to your inner self, maybe it’s telling you to go forward. 


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