Bandwagon by popular vote

There’s no question that everyone feels like they are meant to be something more. Every movie and TV show you see, every book you read.. almost all of these things share the same storyline. Everyone is trying to find their niche. But in trying to find their niche, everyone is either jumping into the latest bandwagon, or trying to find their own bandwagon to start. And those who were already in a bandwagon, are either so “deep in the wagon”, or the wagon is so full you barely have a foot inside.

Maybe it’s just me but, I don’t want to be that person that only has the foot inside the wagon. And I really don’t want to be the person that is so deep in the wagon, that they lose everything else about themselves.

Everything becomes a competition. Why cant I just do what I love to do because I love to do it? It’s not hard. Even if no one recognizes my name now, even if no one will ever recognize me.. it’s not going to change what I love to do, right?

No one has to tell me to write. No one has to tell me how to write. No one can tell me to care more about people. No one can tell me to love more harder. If I write a book, there will be people who will help me better write what I’m writing. But my objective and my opinion will never change.

But needless to say, in every industry there’s gonna be people that try to control your work. Maybe more so in the music industry do you see talented artists, who start off with their originality, but very few ever stay original.

I guess what I would like to see, is more people owning their originality. Growing in their originality. Always changing, but what I mean by that is never back tracking in their progress. And never changing their objective and their opinions because someone said their way of thinking isn’t what’s popular right now.

Whatever it is you do. Wherever it is you go. Wherever it is you came from. Do what you love to do, because you love to do it. Find your own cause. Find your own objective. Have faith in something and stand with it. Bandwagons only have so much room. So maybe you should start doing things your own way.

A finished you

The Bible tells us to remember our creator before our time has run out. When are we finished? I use to say that until my body stops breathing I will always worship and serve my God. But lately Ive been out of practice. I cant focus, life is just too loud. But its only too loud because I’m not focusing..Someone once told me that if I love to write; and if I want to continue to write; then I need to read. And read A LOT. With writing, you’re starting at the roots.. And so when you read you are taking in the experience and the time and struggle of another writers finished product. And that guides us.

With faith it is good to watch those who are ahead of you. To see their finished products.. But, in order to get your own finished product, you still need to go back to the roots. Create your own outline. Make notes. And track your progress so you can see how high God is going to take you.

I need to go back to my roots. I need to rediscover what captured my attention so long ago. Gods love speaks clearly. If you cant hear it.. Get to a place where you can.. No matter who you have to ignore. No matter what habit you need to drop or pick up.. If you can hear Him, then you can get your finished product. A finished you.

Enthusiasm sparked 

In Haggai chapter one, there was a call to rebuild Gods temple. All of Gods people were so focused on their own homes, their own life, their own desires that they neglected Gods house. So He caused a drought. He chased away there livestock. Their harvests were little to none. And only then did they finally wake up and realize the importance in caring for Gods house. His Will and His desire. 

We’re so focused on ourselves, have we forgotten that we’re working towards Gods Kingdom? Our hearts are His home.. Have we been forgetting to take care of our temple and pursue Christ?

After God did all He had to do He said that the enthusiasm in His people was sparked once again. And they remembered. 

Try to remember, the way we are suppose to live. And how everything we do is for Christ Jesus. If all we focus on is our get rich quick schemes, and our “how to be married in 6 months” plans.. Then we will never find those things because we haven’t been taking care of Gods house. 

God knows the desires of your heart. Don’t think that He’s forgotten. But be reminded of the enthusiasm that was once sparked inside of you as a child. When you first awed at His presence. Remember your love for Him. And don’t forget.

Get it done

What if we all just waited around until someone noticed we were sad or angry? What if we just pouted until someone came along and fixed it for us?

Nothing would ever get fixed! If we can’t function on our own and begin to pick up the pieces of the things that have gone wrong and put them back then how do we plan on helping anyone else?

That is why we are here, right? We each have a testimony to share. We each have knowledge that needs to be shared. If you want something.. go and get it! If something is making you trip and you need to fix your eyes, then be able and ready to have the tools you need to fix your eyes back on God.

2 Kings 6:4-7 tells the story of a man whose borrowed axe had fallen into the river.. and when it floated back to the surface he was told to pick it up for himself.

Pick up your axe. Pick up your pieces. Don’t wait for someone else, because God is already waiting for you to fix your eyes on Him. Once you do that, He’ll help take care of the rest.

It’s not you, it’s me

But I know plenty of people who would rather say, it’s not me it’s you! You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. And in the same way you can’t change yourself just because someone doesn’t agree with your personality. 

Everyone is different. Trust me, I meet grumps, quiet, old, young, happy, sad. All sorts of people walk into my job. You just have to know how each person works. What triggers them? How can you avoid a bad encounter with people of opposite personalities? Once you learn people it’s easy. But harder if you have to deal with that person EVERY day.. 

The Debbie downer, the hypochondriac, the pathological liar, the procrastinator or the OCD control freak that needs everything perfect no matter what. Even when it comes to someone else’s emotions or morals. People tend to think that as people, we should all think commonly. Everyone should know how to respond, the right way. Everyone should apologize the same way. And everyone should think, act and talk alike.

 It would be nice if we could all take that constructive criticism. It would be nice if everyone was good at keeping promises. But, we are all human. 

To better be at peace with different people, who come from all different walks of life.. we need to know how each person is made and understand the difference in personality. 

Light loves Dark

What does it mean to be free? Physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Being free doesn’t mean your life will be free of all the bad things that happen.You’ll still have crappy people, who do crappy things. You’ll still make mistakes, whether it affect you or someone else. You’ll still have family that tries to improve you, tries to correct you and tries to immobilize you.

So what does it mean to be free, with all these things staring you down? Well believe it or not you are free if you can remember these things:

One- worrying will not add a single good thing to your life. Keeping your mind locked on thoughts that constantly weigh you down will get you nowhere.

Two-as long as you do what you you can do, that’s all anyone can ask for. You don’t owe anyone. There’s no debt that needs to be paid because someone thinks they deserve what you can offer. And there’s no need to apologize if you do your best every day and something still slips through the cracks. And not for everyone around, but for yourself.

Three- God is always on your side. Whether you think it or not, He’s there. He’s made you able to walk with no worry, no fear and no insecurities. You don’t have to let the weight of someone else’s anger affect you. Someone else’s bad day doesn’t need to become yours. God gave you your own day to live.

So don’t just see the darkness but focus on the light. In fact be a light in darkness and maybe your good day will help someone’s bad day. After all light loves dark… Without it, it wouldn’t exist.


We are not super heroes. We don’t have supernatural powers that can fling us into a new deminsion. We don’t have super speed or super strength. But in a way, we all have someone or something we need to be the fastest for. The bravest for. The strongest for. So maybe we can’t fly or shapeshift, but we still have our own unique way of saving each other. Our passion, our love and our care for people around us.. we have this ambition, this cause, motivation, call it what you want.. we all want to be the hero in our lives. But we all are. 

Without your exsistence where would we be? If you or I were never born, what would happen to the world around us? Everyone has someone that needs them the most. Someone who looks up to you. Loves you. Wants you around.. 

Save the world mentality is what they call it. What gifts do we have as people, with our personalities, that we use everyday to help those around us? So maybe we can’t fly, or speed through the streets.. but we sure would try our best to do so. Just know, if you don’t already.. you are a hero. To someone,you are the fastest, bravest and strongest person alive. Another good excuse to be yourself and love YOU.